The following services and offerings are included in ToyYard’s standard pricing schedules and quote.

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 1  Modern, clean purpose built facility  Yes
 2  24 x 7 access  Yes
 3  Unique customer access code  Yes
 4  Yard access control computer  Yes
 5  Onsite tool shed and customer accessible facilities  Yes
 6  Onsite manager during business hours  Yes
 7  CCTV security system (5 x High definition colour cameras)  Yes
 8  Yard lighting overnight (7 LED lights)  Yes
 9  Motion sensing system in yard lights (4 LED lights)  Yes
 10  Internal yard based sensors (3 x PIR’s)  Yes
 11  Intrusion detection system (infrared) all fences Yes
 12  Security fencing on all sides  Yes
 13  24 Hour Back to back security monitoring system  Yes
 14  Customer “toy” holding area  Yes
 15  Facility manager parking and removal  Yes
 16  Access to wash down bay  Yes
 17  Access to sullage dump point  Yes
 18  Regular drive pasts at night  Yes
 19  Concrete entrance and central driveway (8 metres wide)  Yes
 20  Self-opening front gates  Yes
 21  Unique customer access and exit codes Yes
 22  Dust free hard stand  Yes
 23  Close to Public Transport (bus and train)  Yes
 24  Close to major freeways  Yes
 25  Close to boat ramps  Yes
 26  Australian standards contracts (SSAA)  Yes
 27  Able to work onsite  Yes
 28  Access to tolls and cleaning equipment)  Yes
 29  Complementary storage for goods  Yes
30 Free occasional use of facilities water and electrical services Yes
31 Close to Public Transport Yes
32 Airport Transfer/Pickup Service Available Yes