Toyyard has a separate yard for Shipping Containers.

Safe storage for Shipping Containers

ToyYard has a separate yard for secure storage for a limited number Shipping Containers. If you use your shipping container for storing goods, your container will be at ground level with easy access (by appointment) during normal business hours.

ToyYard’s services include:

If required, we can arrange for the pick up of your Container, its delivery to and storage  it in our yard and then getting it to wherever you need it (extra charges apply for this pick-up and delivery service).

ToyYard Facilities include:Shipping-Container-Storage-Perth

  • Managed yard
  • Reliability and safety
  • CCTV Surveillance

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ToyYard’s prices vary according to length of your container, how long you want to leave it with use and what other services you request from us.