ToyYard at 21 Blackburn Drive, Port Kennedy is a secure purpose-built storage facility designed to cater for the increasing need for safe storage for Caravans, Motor Homes, Boats – and other “big boys toys”.

ToyYard is a clean yard with a wide central driveway for ease of access and safety. Every “Toy” is parked at ground level and we have no high rise racking.

Our Yard staff will park your “Toy” for you when you bring it in and they will also park it in our holding area so that it is easy for you to pick it up (and bring it back in) when you want to head out onto the highways, roads or water.

ToyYard Blackburn Drive is an owner managed facility that provides 24/7 access using a unique key code for each customer. Our facility is partially a Caravan Park (yes we have a sullage point and can provide onsite power too) as well as a “dry marina” for boats (yes we do have a wash down bay) and all other “Toys”.

SECURITY: We have designed and built a quality functional storage environment with high levels of security – we have perimeter fencing on all sides with barbed and razor wire along the top with 7 motion sensing LED Yard lights, 5 high definition colour CCTV cameras and intrusion detection beams around the perimeter of the the Yard and up the central access driveway.

Bring your Boat, Car, Caravan or other “Toys” to ToyYard at 21 Blackburn Drive and we will park it, wash it and even arrange for servicing and repairs for you if you want us to.

Our aim is to provide our customers with high levels of good old fashioned customer service and to deliver value-added services that put the “Joy” back into owning and using your “Toy”.

Our second and third ToyYards: ToyYard 23 Jacquard Way and 17 Blackburn Drive are quite simply  secure yards in which to store your boat or caravan.  Access is between 9 – 5 weekdays and 10 -2 Saturday (by appointment).

We park and retrieve all our customer’s “Toys” and place them in a holding area at the front of the Yard when they are wanted so that they can be easily picked up and returned. ”

Our facilities are designed to increase the level of enjoyment you get from your “Toys” while reducing the direct and emotional costs of owning and maintaining your Toys and the ever increasing risk of theft or vandalism.

When you don’t have a lot of storage space in your own yard – it makes sense to use ours! You can possibly reduce the risk of injury to family, friends and strangers …. and lower your partner’s blood pressure …. and possibly your insurance and maintenance costs too as well as the effect you have on the environment.

ToyYard now means that you don’t need to leave your Toy(s) in the front yard, take up the garage space or incur the anger of the local Council by leaving it on the verge or annoy your family and friends who let you use their property as a storage space. Bring your Toys to ToyYard and we will take care of it for you.

Questions? Call David on +61 488 113 530, or email

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ToyYard’s prices vary according to length of toy, how long you want to leave it with use and what other services you request from us.